Coluna Vases

58.590 kr

Coluna Vases

Designed by Hallgeir Homstvedt |  Handcrafted by João Lourenço

The Coluna Vases are a set of hand thrown vases, where the strict geometric vessels juxtaposes the character of the textured clay. The vases are handcrafted by master ceramicist João Lourenço using Pasta Grés Chamotada - he experimented by mixing different grain sizes to create a coarse clay that resembles rammed earth. João, driven by his passion for this craft, has explored throughout the years different ceramic pastes, oven temperatures and firing techniques, allowing him to create a unique material with rich earth tones and a granular surface. Hallgeir Homstvedt approached the design of the Coluna Vases from a functional starting point and created two different volumes for medium sized bouquets or larger assemblies with shorter stems.

Estimated lead time 3-4 weeks. 

Production: Portugal

Material:  Pasta Grés Chamotada

Tall: 205  Ø x 275 H mm
Low: 275 Ø x 190 H mm

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