I-Model Cord

367.932 kr

I-Model Cord

Made to order 
Dispatched within 8-10 weeks

I-Model pendant light adds elegance and beauty to any space. I-Model is available in 2 different versions, with cord or cordless and in different materials: copper, brass, steel and wood with different surface treatments. It also have an integrated touch dimmer located on the lamp to adjust the light intensity.

Available Sizes:
-100 cm
-150 cm
-200 cm
-250 cm
-300 cm

Available surfaces:
-Brushed Brass
-Blued Steel
-Browned Brass
-Rusted Steel
-Polished Copper
-Polished Brass
-Browned Copper
-Dark Opal Chrome (limited edition)
-Light Opal Chrome (limited edition)
-Brushed Copper
-Ozydized Copper
-Brushed Stainless Steel

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