904.990 kr


Designed by Monica Förster

Made to order 
Dispatched within 8-10 weeks

Heavy elements are linked to lighter ones, like ink marks drawn on a sheet of paper to form a character, a letter, an ideogram. Clear contrasts of thickness translate into incisive graphic expressions: to give life to these unmistakable figures in marble and ash wood, Monica Forster is inspired by calligraphy, the art of writing in an elegant and regular form. The tables are available in two sizes and color variants, Breccia Bresciana with walnut-stained structure for a warm and delicate finish, Fior di Pesco Carsico with dark gray structure for more decisive and rigorous tones.


Cod. 1KAN112
Ø 112 H 32 cm

Cod. 1KAN77
Ø 77 H 41 cm

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