Krukke | Arch Scent Sculptures

35.154 kr

Krukke | Arch Scent Sculptures

Designed by Kajal Dahl |  Handcrafted by João Lourenço

Scent is an ancient art and smell is a universal language. Krukke is a Norwegian word for a vessel in between a jar and a vase. It holds something precious like honey, homemade food or cosmetics. The Arch is a monumental symbol of strength, stability and openness. Inspired by two fragrance rituals – dripping and pouring, the two fragrance sculptures are different in their way of diffusing. The Arch is instant with the drip of oils while the Krukke sets over time, diffusing like a vase with flowers into the room.

Production: Portugal

Material: Porcelain

Krukke: 096 L x 096 W × 300 H mm
Arch: 245 L x 80 W × 203 H mm

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