153.300 kr


Designed by Domingos Tótora

Made to order 
Dispatched within 8-10 weeks

These inspired creations lie midway between art and design, defying definition. The new Mantiqueira by Domingos Tótora for Tacchini Edizioni are an original artistic encapsulation of the way nature and craftsmanship elicit a shift towards ethics. The Brazilian designer creates these objects using recycled cardboard, instilling them with all the authentic intensity of this material, which is transformed and shaped into a new life. Tótora’s vases are the fruit of a certified, sustainable, labour-intensive process, in which recycled cardboard is reduced to a pulp, then worked and moulded by hand, giving shape to sculptural pieces that are then dried in the sun, and subsequently finished. The artistic procedure is quite evocative, taking cardboard, a derivative of wood, and transforming its appearance into something extremely similar to the very wood from which it comes. Beauty and respect seem to be the key words for this new and concrete sustainable vision of decor accessories.


Cod. OMANM49
Ø 09 H 49 cm
Cod. OMANM50
W 24 D 18 H 50 cm
Cod. OMANM65
Ø 09 H 65 cm

Cod. OMANN40
W 16 D 23 H 40 cm
Cod. OMANN44
W 27 D 22 H 44 cm
Cod. OMANN51
W 16 D 16 H 51 cm

Cod. OMANR25
W 23 D 23 H 25 cm
Cod. OMANR36
W 39 D 39 H 36 cm
Cod. OMANR45
W 45 D 43 H 45 cm

Cod. OMANB35
W 50 D 50 H 35 cm
Cod. OMANB43
W 24 D 16 H 43 cm
Cod. OMANB56
W 19 D 25 H 56 cm

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