Monolith Plinth

148.614 kr

Monolith Plinth

Designed by Gabriel Tan  |  Handcrafted by Maria Adelina and Carlos Barbosa.

The Monolith Plinth is a fascinating typology of furniture – one that lies between object and furniture, between sculpture and pedestal. This plinth elegantly brings out the beauty of wood, via construction without glue, and being held together by hidden dowels and coiled paper cord within a recess. The result is a clean, monolithic form with a beautiful combination of two tactile materials. Versatile in its function, the Monolith can be used as a side table, to place decorative objects or as a standalone sculptural piece.

Estimated lead time 3-4 weeks.

Production: Portugal

Materials: Ash and Paper Cord

220 L x 220 W × 430 H mm

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