Montevideo Armchair

669.600 kr


Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Made to order 
Dispatched within 10-12 weeks

Carefully designed shapes and sizes for all-round comfort: this is the guiding principle behind the Montevideo sofa. Armrests and backrest trace a soft and cozy outline, complete with feather cushions supporting your lower back. Ergonomic and elegant, the Montevideo sofa is also paired with a matching armchair. A soft, enveloping frame that warm accomodates the body, a feather cushion to be arranged at will for a more customized comfort: this is the Montevideo armchair, the net result of aesthetic and ergonomic principles and designed for a variety of settings, either as stand-alone or combined with its matching sofa.


Cod. OMON54
W 54 D 62 H 80 cm
H seat 47 cm

Cod. OMON96G
W 96 D 90 H 78 cm
H seat 40 cm

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