Salt Vase Large

62.999 kr

Salt Vase Large

Designed by Ladies and Gentlemen studio

Jean and Dylan of Ladies & Gentlemen Studio were captivated by the array of textures and colours on display at João Lourenço's ceramic workshop and immediately began to consider new ways in which they could celebrate the richness of João's craft. Fascinated by the gradation of colours that reveal themselves when Metallic salts are added to a clay firing, they asked João if this effect could be applied to Pasta Grés Chamotada - a highly textured claybody. The result of this experiment is Salt Vase, a pair of tabletop vases in earthy orange and light cobalt blue. Each vase reflects the variation of material and process of one of the world's oldest crafts and the character that L&G finds so inspiring about Lourenço's work.

Production: Portugal

Material: Pasta Grés Chamotada

270 Ø x 65 H mm

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