Spiral and Flight Sculptures

195.114 kr

Spiral and Flight Sculptures

Designed by Norm Architects | Handcrafted by Pedro Eira and Emanuel Matos

An extension to the Ark series, these model sized stoneware sculptures unite a trilogy of elements – classical architecture being reinterpreted into modern design, skilled stonemasons’ precision in polishing intricately carved details by hand, and the beauty of raw travertine stone. Naturally occurring geological patterns present in travertine make each sculpture piece unique to the stone. In the Spiral sculpture, the repetition of horizontal lines integrated into a curved ascending profile is poetically juxtaposed against the Flight sculpture which emphasises straight lines throughout.

Production: Portugal



Spiral: 150 L x 150 W x 270 H mm
Flight: 150 L x 160 W x 210 H mm


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