The Prox

126.400 kr

The Prox

Made to order 
Dispatched within 8-10 weeks

The Prox a playful and artistic design. This piece takes its inspiration from the fluid and elegant movements of a ballerina. The glassblowers behind "The Prox" have expertly captured the essence of a dancer's grace, infusing the object with a sense of movement and life. The glass seems to twirl and pirouette, as if caught mid-performance, which is a testament to the craftsmanship involved in creating this stunning piece. The Prox is available in multiple colors and because of it it's size and shape it is the perfect piece to use in twofold for symmetry in your surroundings.

Available colors: amber, red, blue


Width 27 cm | Height 32,5 cm | 7,5 kg

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